Find out more about a place for you at "The Oak".  We are a very loving and caring congregation.  So what are you waiting for?  Come and visit us.   We would love to fellowship with you.


Our Vision

To be a church where the:
confused can find peace;
depressed can find encouragement;
despairing can find hope;
frustrated can find guidance;
guilty can find forgiveness;
hurting can find help;
neglected can find love;
oppressed find liberty;
rejected can find acceptance!

Our Purpose

The purpose of the
Round Oak Missionary
Baptist Church is:
To bring people to Jesus
and Membership in his family,
develop them to Christ-like Maturity,
and equip them for their Ministry
in the church and life Mission
in the world in order to Magnify God.

We've Come This Far By Faith

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Our History

Our Lifestyle Statement

Church Leadership

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