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Month of June

Healed by Faith

Monday (6/14) "The Fringe Aid to Remember God's Commandments"
(Numbers 15:37-41)


Tuesday (6/15) "Disciples and Family Witness Girl's Healing"
(Luke 8:40-42a, 49-56)


Wednesday (6/16) "A Woman Testifies to Jesus' Healing Touch"
(Luke 8:42b-48)


Thursday (6/17) "Jesus Opens the Eyes of a Blind Man"
(Matthew 9:27)


Friday (6/18) "Jesus Restores Speech to a Mute Man"
(Matthew 9:32-34)


Saturday (6/19) "Join the Lord's Harvest Today"
(Matthew 9:35-10:1)


Sunday (6/20) "Faith in God Heals Many Ills"
(Matthew 9:18-26)