Lionel Phillip Pointer, Jr., Pastor

Archie S. Israel, Sr., Assistant to the Pastor

Associate Ministers

John W. Stephens, Janessa L. Fleming, Jendayo Grady, Patricia Bell,
Archie Israel, Jr., Katrina Busk, Lyle Pointer

Board of Directors

Lionel P. Pointer, Jr., Archie S. Israel, Sr., David Cooper, Sr.,
Johnnie B. Thomas, Michael A. Withers


David Cooper, Sr., Charles Thomas, Jr., James King, Jr., Mitchell Fleming,
Paul Peet, Carl Spratley, Charles Thomas, Sr.


"Mother" Annie Hungerford, Lizzie James, Martha Forston, Olethia Howard,
Claudia Cooper, Elaine Israel, Patsy Spratley, Ann Netherland



Assistant to Pastor

Archie S. Israel, Sr.

Minister of Evangelism/Administrative Assistant

Paulette Stewart

Minister of Fellowship

Mitchell Fleming


Nathena Briscoe

Young Adults

Lyle Pointer

Sunday School Superintendent

Anika Burtin


Ernell Spratley

Worship Leader

Janessa Fleming

Church Membership Coordinator

Claudia Cooper

Church Announcements & Communications Coordinator

Nathena Briscoe

Church Musician

Mitchell Fleming

Business Manager

Johnnie Thomas