My Precious Friend,

      I am sending you this letter by way of one of My Disciples. I just wanted to let you know how much I love and care for you and how greatly I desire to become a meaningful part of your life.

      Yesterday morning when you awoke, I was already there with you in the light of My Beautiful Sunshine that filled your room. I was there hoping that you would say Good Morning to me; you didn’t.  So I thought maybe it was just a little early in the morning for you to notice me.

      Again, I tried to get your attention when you stepped out of your door.  I kissed your face with a Soft Gentle Breeze. I Breathed upon you, My Fragrant Sweet Breath scented with Flowers. Then I sang you a song through the Birds in the trees.  You just walked right past Me.

      Later in the day l watched over you as you were talking with some of your friends.  Oh! How I wished that you would talk to Me also. I waited and waited, but you just went along your way.

     In the afternoon I sent a Refreshing Shower and glistened to you from each Rain Drop. I even Shouted to you a time or two with Thunder trying to get your attention. Then I Painted you a Lovely Rainbow in the midst of My Fluffy Clouds. I just knew you would see Me then, but you were unaware of My Presence.

      Then in the evening to close your day, sent you a beautiful Sunset. After that, I winked at you a thousand times through My Stars hoping that you would see Me and wink back.  You never did.

     When you went to bed, l spilled Moonlight upon your face to let you know that l was there with you. I was hoping that you would talk to Me a little while before you went to sleep. You never said a word. It hurt Me deeply; however, l continued to watch over you all through the night thinking that, maybe, just maybe, you would say hello to Me this morning.

      Each and Everyday, l have Revealed Myself to you in many Strange and Wondrous Ways hoping that you would accept Me as your Shepherd. For, l am the Only One that can supply you with all your needs. My love for you is Deeper than the Deepest Ocean and Bigger than the Great Blue Sky.  I have so very much to give you and also share with you. Please let Me
hear from you

Your Loving Friend Forever