Youth and Young Adult Virtual Conference

Round Oak Missionary Baptist Church

JUNE 12, 2021
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session I: The Pandemic (Plague)
There has been a lot of anxiety and concerns regarding the Plague (Coronavirus/COVID-19). Some are grieving the loss of family and friends and we're still going through. Where is God?

Session II: New Era for Education and Socializing
Grades K-12 Sessions: It's a New Era for School/Education. How are you coping with In-Person/Online Learning
What Does God Want Us To Do?
Young Adult Session: Living with Social Media 24x7: A look at the Good, Bad and Ugly.
How to Disconnect and Turn to God's Word?

Session III: Equal Justice for All: A look at Racism with the Youth and Young Adults in America
With all of the Racism, Police Brutality; Inequality, Injustice - How are you coping with your anger and fears?
A Reality Check..... What Does God Say?